Casablanca Dining Table

The Casablanca Dining Table is made from Eco friendly Terra Fab.  Terra Fab is an inorganic mineral that we mix with a brine and pour into a mold to create items that have the look of stone or wood and can be used indoors or outdoors. 


The Casablanca dining set is truly unique.  Enjoy spacious dining with a 101.5” L X 44.75” W dining table.  What truly sets this item apart is the wood look of the Terra Fab top.  The table as well is made of an environmentally friendly material called Terra Fab.  Terra Fab is an inorganic mineral that mixes with a brine and poured into a mold to allow for the creation of unique items such as the Casablanca.  The table can be placed indoors or outdoors.  Enjoy the authentic look combined with incredible quality.  Casablanca is accented with 2 large pedestal bases for not only a fashionable item, but a true statement piece for your home.

  • Reclaimed florentine maple finish.

  • Authentic look of a real wood table.

  • Substantial pedestal base.

  • Spacious 101.5” top.

  • Can be used indoors or outdoors.

  • Weather resistant and UV protected.

  • Product Size :

    • 101.5”W x 44.75”D x 30.5”H

  • Carton Size :

    • Box 1 : 105.38”W x 49”D x 6.5”H ( Table top ) (168 lbs.)

    • Box 2 : 48.87” W x 22.75”D x 31”H (Base) (109 lbs .)

  • Net Weight : 222 lbs.

  • Gross Weight : 277 lbs.

  • Cu.ft.: 19.94 + 19.42 = 39.36


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