At Craft + Main (Craft and Main), we truly offer unique items that meet the needs and desires of today’s consumers. Our styles are on trend and highly functional. Every piece or collection has a story, not only intended to enhance your décor, but to make life better. We’ve incorporated over 25 years of design and manufacturing experience to create a product line that is innovative, yet timeless, and adheres to the high quality standard we have built our company on. We welcome you to Craft + Main and to experience craftsmanship that will surpass boundaries.



Why Craft + Main?

Unique Designs
Innovative, feature-rich and timeless in design.


Stand Out Finishes
We work with the finest finishing companies in the world to offer high-quality, multi-step finishes.


Multi-Functional Items
We’ve created items that not only look great, but serve a consumer’s many needs for entertainment, storage, home office, dining, and more.


Factory Direct
At Craft + Main you truly are buying from the factory.


Mixed Container/Quick Ship Overseas Programs
Direct container programs and pricing from China and Vietnam.


Domestic Warehouse Programs
Warehousing facilities in New Jersey and California.


US based Customer Support Center
Trained, knowledgeable and experienced staff to serve and support customer service needs.




Are you a retailer?

Interested in our domestic warehouse program?